Remote recording sessions:

I work from my studio in SE London where I have immediate access to my extensive and unique collection of percussion instruments from around the world. 

Please contact me for more information on remote recording sessions. 


"Will is an absolutely incredible percussionist with beautiful tone and approach. I can't recommend his remote recording service highly enough!"

- Emre Ramazanoglu

"I can't thank you enough for your hard work. The tracks sound bl**dy amazing!  You have added an extra dimension that makes them sound complete and authentic. I couldn't have wished for better." 

- Ola Onabule 

"Will Fry is an A-list musician who has a deep knowledge of a myriad of percussion instruments and their traditions. I'm always pleased when Will is on one of my productions - he's a great player with a fantastic sound." 
Alex Wilson -  (Rodrigo y Gabriela, Courtney Pine, Toumani Diabate...)




Gon Bops California Series congas and bongos from 2009, Gon Bops congas and bongos from 1970's, timbales, bata, cajons, bata-cajons, conga-cajons, timbau, djembe (traditional), djembe (fiberglass), sangban, kenkeni, Ekwe (log drum), tama, talking drums, udu drums (pot drums), repinique, repinique de mao, xequebalde (buckets), surdos, caixa, tambourims, cuica, pandeiros, riq, bendir, various frame drums, Indian tabla, calabash, water drums and more... 

Hand Percussion:

Huge selection of: shakers, shekeres, tambourines, triangles, bells, cowbells, agogo bells, woodblocks, clave, guiros, guiras, reco-reco, maracas, crashers, seed rattles, sound effects, nature sounds, bird whistles, death whistles, trines, chimes, bell plates, gongs, cymbals, found objects and several custom made or commissioned instruments by Marcos China, Pete Engelhart, Matt Nolan, Christian Weaver, and myself.

Electronic percussion:

Korg Wavedrum from 1994, Korg Wavedrum Global from 2014, ROLAND HPD-20 (Handsonic), Roland SPD-30 (Octopad).

Drum Kits:

Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 18/10/12/14
Yamaha Club Jordan Cocktail Kit
DW Mini Pro (2009)
Various snare drums 
Large selection of SABIAN Cymbals  



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