Accidentally colour coordinated on Williamsburg bridge.  2019

Jazz Refreshed with Marijus Aleksa

Baaba Maal's home in Podor, Senegal.

With Eliel Lazo at Jazz Cafe

On tour with Femi Temowo (Rick James on Bass)

Rehearsing with Giovanni

With (L to R) Sola Akingbola, Orlando Poleo, Satin Singh, Michel Castellanos, Karl Vanden Bossche, Giovanni Hidalgo, Jeremiah Olaleye and Leon Stenning at Ronnie Scotts.

With Mbolo Percussion/Mohamed Gueye. 

With Wunmi at Pirineos Festival, Spain

After a late night recording session with Baaba Maal.

With Jack McCarthy and Changuito in Havana, Cuba 

My Setup at Burn The Floor, Shaftesbury Theatre, London. 

At Rak studios for Utada Hikaru

At Angel Studios with Motown the Musical. 

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